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KMGC waterproofing and paints Pvt.Ltd, is a flagship company of Kayal Madathil Group Of Companies. It is a quality driven leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality products in fields of construction chemicals. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company with a strong family culture with loyal, experienced and many long serving employees. By supplying world class products and managing installations via our industry leading contractor network, we take a responsive and personable approach to providing high performance, long lasting roofing systems.

One of the many benifits of working with us is our end-to-end approach to every project we undertake, by trusting a single source to handle every aspect from initial consultation and design, through to final installation and after sales care and maintenance, you can be sure of a seamless operation and a successful outcome every time.

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The salient features of our each product decide the area of application. The specially blend plymers in perfect mix marks our product customer satisfactory and acceptable. the product warranty and eco friendly products we manufacuture on the instruction of our research and development team are the best suite to your area of application.

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Water proofing is the process of making a structure water-resistant or impervious to the ingress of water. It is essential as it prevents water from penetrating buildings and helps to keep the interior areas dry. It also helps in reducing the humidity inside the building, minimizing the damage done to furniture and alike.

  • Protects Interiors From Water Damage
  • Prevents Onset of Health Problems
  • Saves Your Money
  • Promotes Long-term Comfort
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    Values The Best

    KMGC takes care of your waterproofing strategy from start to finish, including technical advice and guidance, preparation of sectional details, approval of drawings, site inspections and ongoing site support. One of the many benefits of working with us is our end-to-end approach to every project we undertake. By trusting a single source to handle every aspect from initial consultations and design, through to final installation and after sales care and maintenance, you can be sure of a seamless operation and a successful outcome every time.

    We Believe

    We believe that the way to promote our business is through the development of a good working relationship with our customers. To this end, we aim to provide high quality products, and to do this in an efficient friendly manner, on time and to budget. We endeavor to earn the trust and confidence of those for whom we work. Our goal is to provide a quality service with a good job done that enhances continuing business through word of mouth.

    We Provide

    We can provide a comprehensive, efficient service, with competitive rates and careful attention to safety and our consultants and Directors know the industry inside and out. We understand that every project is different and promise to approach your needs with a fresh perspective. The opulent management and administration team, from both the main side of the business through to the onsite teams, are proficient in preparing Health and Safety documentation, supervising teams and meeting deadlines. We are confident that our recent merger will benefit our clients, offering a more comprehensive package for future.

    Manufacturing / R & D

    The success of every project is largely down to the attention to detail carried out in the early stages. Our research team comprising of highly innovative heads create the overview of the customer requirements and design the products that can meet their needs.

    Innovation and customer satisfaction being the core values, our research and development team work to develop and enhance products that meet continuously changing requirements of the customers. High warranty assurance we offer also play a significant role in winning the trust of our customers.

    Understanding standards for the protection of below ground structures is essential; we pride ourselves on keeping abreast of new technologies in our industry so you know that you are getting the best solution. Our exclusively manufactures products that meets our customer needs, manufactured to cope up with and suits best to the area for waterproofing and high warranty assurance makes our products unique and trustworthy.

    Construction Chemicals

    KMGC is a not-for-profit organization with a vision to excel in the area of waterproofing and paints with highest warranty assurance and customer favorable products underpinning customer satisfaction. Under KMGC, we offer a wide range of waterproofing solutions that are specially developed to meet the requirements of the customers.

    We are the both manufacturers and suppliers of the KMGC product. Our product has a wide range of availability pan India through franchisees, a nationwide network of Specialist Waterproofing Contractors, who are experienced installers of our structural waterproofing systems. With a proud history of providing strong, technically sound solutions backed by genuine expertise, waterproofing is still at the core of what we do, we’ve gone from strength to become the major waterproofing manufacturers and suppliers we are today.

    We aspire to become the most admired High Performance waterproofing enterprise and to do this we provide only the highest quality materials, specified by highly trained KMGC personnel to assist with. We insist on monitoring ongoing projects to ensure compliance with our criteria and our customer’s demand.